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In compliance with legislation, Colorado joined the PARCC consortia as a governing member in August, 2012. PARCC is a multi-state assessment consortium that is developing shared English language arts (ELA) and mathematics assessments. Over 20 states participate in the consortium. As a governing member, Colorado is committed to relying on the PARCC assessment system. PARCC has ELA assessments in grades 3-11 and mathematics assessments in grades 3-8 with three high school assessments. PARCC has developed college and career ready determinations that will be based on the assessments given in 11th grade.

It is anticipated that the PARCC ELA and mathematics assessments will replace the TCAP reading, writing and mathematics assessments in the spring of 2015.


2014 PARCC Calendar:
schedulesPARCC Pilot Calendar

PARCC Pilot SAL Training
PARCC Pilot Test Administrator Training

Testing Resources:
schedules PARCC CBT Test Administrator Manual
PARCC SAL Checklist
PARCC Test Administrator Checklist
PARCC Test Administrator SignIn Sheet
schedules PARCC Infrastructure Readiness Guide
PARCC Pilot Security Agreement Form
PARCC Do Not Disturb Sign

Practice Items:

Pearson Resurces:
schedulesCMAS PARCC Viewing Pearson Emails
schedulesPARCC SAL Training - Add, Remove, & Move Students within Test Sessions
schedulesPARCC SAL Training - Add and Remove Enrollment
schedulesPARCC SAL Training - Adding a New Test Admin
schedulesPARCC SAL Training - Create Test Session
schedulesPARCC SAL Training - Set Accommodations
schedulesPARCC SAL Training - Student Authorization and Seal Codes
schedules Pearson Access User Guide for PARCC
Pearson Access User Roles and Permissions

For Parents:

Parent's Guide to the New State Assessments
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schedules Arabic schedulesSomali
schedules Amharic schedules Vietnamese
schedules Nepali  

For more information about PARCC, visit the Colorado Department of Education's webpage at: http://www.cde.state.co.us/assessment/NewAssess-PARCC.asp

To help schools prepare for the technological component of PARCC, visit DPS' Department of Technology at: http://etls.dpsk12.org/Educational_Technology/parcc_info.aspx


For more information about online assessments, please visit http://onlineassessment.dpsk12.org